Elegance: the protagonist of AVENUE COUTURE OF HOPE

This post will be my last one of this crazy 2 weeks of blog devoted to AVENUE COUTURE OF HOPE. It was so fun to style, photograph and show you many of the awsome creation that you can find at AVENUE COUTURE OF HOPE and I’m so happy and honored to be part of this great event. The designers involved made something really incredible, each one created unique precious items so amazing that it’s really impossible to not buy them.

I think that elegance has been the wonderful protagonist of this edition of AVENUE COUTURE OF HOPE, and today I will show you some of the breathtaking gown that you can’t miss.

Let me start with the awsome gown of ORAGE CREATIONS, “Regal Hope”

This incredible dress, made with a soft grey tulle is embellished by flying hearts and a precious head jewel. The mask, included in the dress, gives a malicious touch to this outstanding gown. Absolutely regal and amazing!

ALEIDA “Melli Butterfly Dress”

So romantic and spring inspired, this dress is another masterpiece. The delicate colors and the beauty of flowers are combined for a sweet and artistic effect, to make you feel a living impressionist artwork.


Essence of class, this dress is pure elegance. Soft white silk and precious pearls with pink flowers make this dress a not-to-be-missed one.


You will be a real angel of elegance with this awsome gown. No need to add words to such a pure beauty.


I’ve combined “Wish” with this wonderful face tattoo by WHITE WIDOW. You can find it in five colors (Blue, Cooper, Gold, Green and Silver). It’s the right touch to make your look the most precious.

MY PRECIOUS “Angel of Hope”

Last but not least, a dress that make you fall in an eternal love. “Angel of Hope” don’t need words, as pure beauty doesn’t. Just admiration and contemplation.

Wearing this gown I’m feeling really in heaven!

I remind you that AVENUE COUTURE OF HOPE will be opened till the end of May, so hurry up if you want to get these gorgeous designs! Tp to http://slurl.com/secondlife/AVENUE%20at%20GOL/145/203/22


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