GIZZA bring you Summer

The latest release of GIZZA Creations are simply perfect for this summer. Class, trendy style and colors are the key words of this new collection, so lovely that you can’t resist! Let me show you some of the amazing outfits that you can find at GIZZA.

“FLUFFY Dress Floral”

This gorgeous short dress with vest combined is adorable and stylish. It comes in different colors and patterns (I’m wearing Floral Red version in the photo).

“FLUFFY Dress”

Other version of “FLUFFY Dress” is this one, available in many colors as usual (I’m wearing Lilac version in the photo). Another must have!

“FLIRTY Dress” and “BIKER Jacket”

The 50’s taste of this colorful “FLIRTY Dress” looks amazing combined with the new “BIKER Jacket”! Both available in many colors that you can enjoy mixing as you like. (I’m wearing “FLIRTY Dress” Pink and “BIKER Jacket” Pink for a modern “Pink Lady” effect).



– Jewels: (photo 1 and 3) GEMS & KISSES — (photo 2) MOOD

– Sunglasses: YUMMY!



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