… when Finesmith meets Violator…


I have so much fun styling the outfit for FINESMITH Muse 2012 casting and I’m very happy with the result, so I thought it could be nice to share it with you all.


– Skirt & Hair decoration: (part of) VIOLATOR “Rhapsody of the White Swan”

– Necklace: FINESMITH “Flora’s Shimmering Dreams”

– Tiara: made by me using three earrings from FINESMITH “Flora’s Shimmering Dreams”

– Bracelets and Shoulder Jewels: FINESMITH “Shena Inspiration”

– Nipple Jewels: FINESMITH “Walk Like an Egyptian”

– Corset Jewel: FINESMITH “Wired Couture”

– Nails: FINESMITH “Draakje Inspiration”

– Shoes: 24 SHOO SHOES “24’s wow! n°28 platinum”

– Hair: GRIDDIE “Fish” Ash

– Eyeshadow: LA MALVADA MUJER “Chemical ’50 eyes”


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