FELLINI COUTURE is happy to announce the release of another masterpiece: the new gown “Vanille” is grace and elegance personified!  The detailed gown is a luscious, creamy concoction of sophistication and refinement that promises to be one of the Summer’s most alluring fashion statements.

In true FELLINI COUTURE style, Vanille is brimming with detail and feminine charm. The fashionable undergarments, both top and bottom, are layered with intricate flowering and butterflies, with a “peek-a-boo” design to them that is both clever and sexy.  On the left shoulder is a beatiful floral and feathered attachment.

Attaching at the waist and flowing down the left side, the stunning vanilla-color flowers, sheer organza, with  feathering and pearls, is exquisitely impressive.  And  the beautiful flower hat with white feathers is one you can use over and over with other outfits as well.

Vanille is versatile, charming, stylishly chic, and is a gown you will reach for often.  Whether you are going out dancing for the evening or attending a formal event or gathering this Summer, you will love the way that Vanille makes you look and feel!

photographer: Joy Fellini

description of the gown by Carilynn OHare

model: Anna Sapphire


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