Futuristic Jungle

Hello guys, I apologize for not posting much lately but I hope you will find me here more in the future.

The outfit I’m going to show you is the one I styled and wore to model at SYS Design new mainstore opening.


All the items I’m wearing are part of the latest collection of this brand, inspired by jungle patterns reinterpretated in a modern and futuristic urban feeling.


You have definately to visit the new store: lot of news are waiting for you there!



Shirt: SYS Design  | Trybe shirt ***

Boots: SYS Design | Doom, Black Spyker ***

Hair: MADesign | Taisto

Pants: SYS Design | Atlas, Black City ***

Coat: SYS Design | Hoth, Zebra ***

Glasses: SYS Design | Pulsar Soundglasses ***


*** Review Copies


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