As a mannequin

Hello my dear readers, as you may have noticed I take a break from blogging for some weeks. Sometimes we need to do it in order to have our inspiration back 🙂 and there are chances I will post less from now on, but I will continue to be with you as much as my time permits.

Today I’m back with a look that will be my last winter-themed one for this season. I’m waiting impatiently for spring and you will see this feeling in my next posts 😉


I recently found this beautiful tweed coat by KR Designs and really liked the class and its simple yet well made lines. I apologize for not adding the LM of the store but can’t find it, anyway the creator of this coat is Kim Rongyu, and you can contact her directly if you are interested.

I combined it with the amazing mesh headpiece and face coverage part of Naiidi Suit by LeeZu! and a simple black fur stole from Shi.

I wish you a beautiful rest of week!



Coat: KR DesignsAbbey Coat, Houndstooth ***

Headpiece: LeeZu! | (part of) Naiidi Suit ***

Fur: Shi | Fur Stole (Christmas Group Gift)

Gloves: Bliss Couture | (part of) Puff Gloves, Noir

Stockings:  LeeZu! | LaLun Tights, Black


*** Review Copies


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