Modern Dandy

I had the pleasure to work for another editorial on AVENUE Magazine for my monthly column The Trendsetter.

The popularity of androgynous fashion is increasing as humans are becoming more accepting of each other’s sexual preferences, like a celebration of this progression.  Art and fashion are embracing the understanding that people should be accepted as humans and not strictly labeled based on their gender preferences.

My personal choice of presenting this theme through black and white photography is due to the feeling that the monochromatic style suits the ambiguous nature of androgyny.  These photos you will see here features a blend of futuristic clothing, unisex pieces and bob cuts that are suitable for both genders, and that de-emphasizes female body parts, in a vision of a modern dandy style.








Do check out this issue dedicated to LGBT pride month and Androgynous fashion.

Credits on page 76 of AVENUE Magazine


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