As I promised I’m back with more news. I dowloaded today the new Materials Project Viewer and I was all excited to show you this pant created by LeeZu! especially for this new development of SecondLife™.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to shoot with that viewer probably because of  my old lappy. I will try again soon for sure and I hope you will like this outfit anyway.


Ladies Who Lunch is one of my favourite brands and I’m happy she decided expand her business creating beautiful new hair you will be able to find at HAIR FAIR.




Hair:  LADIES WHO LUNCH @ HAIR FAIR | Ursula, Sun God ***

Pants:  LEEZU! | Helena High Heel Pants, Black ***

Corset: E-CLIPSE DESIGN | Minimalista, Romance White ***

Necklace: H.M.A.E.M. | Thais ***

Gloves with nails:  MIAMAI Blacklabel | Inferna ***

Sculpture:  LEEZU! | Handreading Sculpture, black (Rare)


*** Review Copies

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