Tribal Warrior

I’m happy to share with you the work I did for my monthly column The Trendsetter on AVENUE Magazine.

This hot summer season bring us ethnic tribal fashion trend in a variety of shapes, colors and interpretations.

The Western fashion world has aggressively adopted the beaded, feathery and kaleidoscopic designs of tribal culture and has integrated them in every imaginable contemporary wear, from accessories to evening gowns. The ancient royalty jewelry complements the modern regal look beautifully. The colorful designs are fun and expressive.

Fashion has allocated a significant portion of its work to intensely ethnic looks and the style has become an integral part of clothing culture. It has transformed from being an artsy form of self-expression to an accepted part of the Western fashion ideal.

My choice this month is gone for the warrior side of this trend, showcasing strong accessories and pieces for the wild proud free woman. I hope you will enjoy this new fabulous issue!











Credits on page 92 of AVENUE Magazine.

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