3rd Birthday Giveaway

Happy weekend guys, I hope you enjoyed Halloween.

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I have a huuuuge surprise for you all!

Can you believe that this blog is turning 3 years? It seems just yesterday when I started to shoot and post random outfits here, and I’m so thankful for all the love and appreciation you gave me and keep giving me. I decided to celebrate this event and return some love to you with this chance to win some amazing prizes.

Keep reading and good luck!




* AZUL:  10 new gowns in different colors

 * MIAMAI:  5.000 L$ store credit

SOLIDEA FOLIES:  5.000 L$ store credit

VIOLATOR:  1 outfit + 1 jewelry set

FINESMITH:  1 jewelry set of your choice

VANITY HAIR:  1 fatpack of your choice

* ORAGE CREATIONS:  1 skin fatpack of your choice

* NAILED IT:   5 nails set of your choice

SWALLOW:  5 new accessories + 1 skin fatpack of your choice

* NATZUKA:  1 special makeup + face jewelry exclusively created for this giveaway

* WHITE WIDOW:  1.500 L$ store credit




To enter you must complete ALL these 3 simple steps. Please note that incomplete entries will be disqualified:

STEP 1  –  Subscribe to the blog (click “Follow at http://www.annasapphire.me) *

STEP 2  –  Like my Facebook Page *

STEP 3  –   Leave a  comment in this post telling me what you like of this blog and notifying your entry (ex: “I like blabla. I entered the giveaway”)

* If you are already a follower and already liked the Facebook page you don’t need to do it again.



This Giveaway ends November 30th 2013, at 23:59 PM SLT.

Open to all Legal Residents of SecondLife only, male and female avatars.

The Winner will be randomly chosen by Random.org and will be notified by notecard, inworld IM and email.

The Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected. I will communicate the name of the winner to the sponsors and they will send their items directly.

By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to me and me alone. I do not share or sell information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner.


I can’t wait for your entries and best of luck to you all!

Anna Sapphire


58 thoughts on “3rd Birthday Giveaway

  1. Well I follow you since I saw your picture on My Precious Contest, you really look a fairy!!! Since then I follow your blog, its a reference of style for me. Have the oportunity to stay in your side in MVW and was a honor loose for you =). You are stunning Anna!!!Muacks

  2. I love the formal gowns you wear in your blog, and I also love your distinct shape that makes you unique. I think you’re an amazing stylist, and I am happy to work at AVENUE with you. You are very generous for doing this, and I can’t wait to see the amazing styling you’ll do next! I entered the contest. 🙂 Thank you.

  3. I love your blog because I see in it, elegance, sophistication, imagination and love of the “beautiful”, I love it because it inspires me to dress in my avatar …. good Anna, your taste is evident in all your outfits
    🙂 and I entered the giveaway

  4. I love your blog and the way you style. You give me inspiration to be a better model and you are my role model that nice sweet people can still be at the top of the Sl modeling world. I appreciate all of the hard work you do and I entered the contest! Happy birthday blog!!!! ❤

  5. I love your blog,you are such role model for an aspiring model like myself, I am entering this contest, what a generous way to celebrate you anniversary

  6. One of the models that I am truly looking up to. I always come to your blog either for inspiration or because I am certain you have blogged a specific item or style. I love your work and can’t wait to see more of you 🙂 I entered the giveaway too :))

  7. Anna, you have inspired me. It was you who I watched when you won MVW and it was you how made me want to push myself to become a great blogger! Thank you for everything you’d done! Both as a model and a blogger!

  8. Anna, since the first time I saw you model you’ve been one of the models I have followed and been inspired by. Climbing the ladder to the top of the modeling world is a tough job and styling has always been one of my troubles, but I work on it everyday. I see your blog and some of the other Super Models in the business and have learned a lot, but I really love your styling. Thank you so much.Hugs♥ [I entered your giveaway too]

  9. Hi Anna, for me you have always set an example for not just your style — but also your kindness towards others. I remember being at your birthday party that Fro gave for you a while back and was just so inspired by you. Today I have a new couture store and think of you often when I design… thinking; “would Anna wear this”… LOL, if I say “no” I either toss it or start over. I did enter the give away (never expect to win it) but want to thank you for doing such a wonderful thing for others. ❤

  10. Dear Anna first of al congrats with your 3 years blog anniversary!!!
    I really like youre style the reason I began to reading youre blogs was the sponsors I thought If they sponsor you this lady must be very good in her work and you are!
    But one think stole my heart on youre blog : Advertise with Anna!!!
    You gave other people a change That I find very humble of you.


  11. OMIGOSH! Are you kidding?! I looooove your styling, photography, and how much you teach me about all of that! You are a treasure, Anna. I’m thrilled for this contest and.. I entered the giveaway (duh)!

  12. I watched fashion from the outside for a long time… Tivi isn’t my first avatar… I’ve been around SL for a good long while… but I never really had any sort of courage to step INTO the fashion world, and was always just content to watch on the outside. I ran across your blog, and a few others, and silently watched those as well. (Admittedly, I found yours when I was looking for hair and found myself constantly saying, “Ooo, I’ve never heard of that place before! *Searches*”) I entered your giveaway, but I’d still be thanking you even if I hadn’t. I often need a push (or a boot to the ass) to pursue some of the things I really want to. Thanks for being a boot, even if you didn’t know you were. 😀

  13. The most fun thing I’ve ever seen in Second Life was you at a small gathering of friends after the next MVW was crowned, and you had a talking tummy. I thought to myself, this wonderful woman has touched the world literally with the way you got behind charities, has been the epitome of a virtual model, with the highest accolades, set admirable goals and achieved them which encouraged other women from every corner of the globe to try and do the same, but at the end of the day, this woman was a fun and playful woman with good friends who knew how to kick back and appreciate the moment, you with a small bairn in the belly and them all fawning over the possible male or female offspring, and how long it was before you were due. It felt like a little slice of life and not staged at all. So much of the fashion business is a stage, and we have our resources, our blogs, our hearts on our shoulder in fashion contests, runways, and so many other performance oriented expectations. At the heart of each of us is a person, for the most part decent, doing our own thing. To cross paths with someone who’s done all that you’ve done, made your footprint in this virtual world the way you have, and then reminded us that you were just one of us, meant a lot to me. I love the voice that a blog gives a blogger. I think you’ve taken your credentials and used your voice to reach many. I know there are many ways to be heard, and your voice spoke reputably, professionally, and thoughtfully. I do enjoy your blog. I’ve seen it a couple of times because someone’s come and said “Read this.” I pray that you find everything you do in your now, as you celebrate a third year of doing something it seems you love so dearly, to enrich your life as you’ve enriched ours. Blessings. Joy. Live! Love! Laugh! I was going to say that I wanted to leave a message and not an entry to this contest but the prizes of the contest have been offered, and to any of us who’ve responded to you so far and hopefully the many you hear from between now and 30 November, those prizes could be ways we could increase our own exposure as bloggers or artists or models, or competitors. So I’m going to be practical and logical and thank you for having a contest, for doing what you do and what you’ve already done, and say I’m entering your contest. My heart to yours. ❤ C

    I hope that my work and my goals and my dreams lead to the successful expression of my voice. I've been writing a blog for exactly 18 months, inspired by a fellow model Aradia Mistwood who's already commented here about how you inspired her. I think it works like that. Pay it forward. I hope I do the same, and pay it forward to others who journey after me. Thank you. I took a few minutes to look up how to say something warm and complimentary in Italian, and found a whole array of lessons for saying nice things to a girlfriend; you can say Ciao! Ciccia! and it literally translates Hi Fat Meat. This tickled me to no end and so instead of sharing some witty Italian fare well, I leave with the humor of the moment, and the joy you've given and shared for as long as I've known you.

  14. I wrote an extensive comment, the Caryn sort of comment and it’s hard for me to tell if I hit enter the wrong way or it’s on a bit of a delay. I’ll do a short winded version. I appreciate you, how you’ve used your voice, your blog, your status, your every accolade in ways that touched the world far beyond Second Life. One of the things I like best about your blog and your personality in Second Life, through the whole of the time I’ve known you is how real you are, approachable, and thoughtful. You make Second Life better, but you also make the world better.

    I think the prizes you’re offering as part of this little adventure mean a lot so I enter and thank you.

  15. Grande top model italiana in Second Life! Grazie Anna per averci sempre stupiti con le tue immagini e la tua presenza.
    I like your hair, there are so particular and amazing.
    I entered the giveaway!

  16. Congratulations, Anna! I love your sense of color and pattern combinations, your clean lines, and the photography that shows everything so well. And I have entered the giveaway. Continued success! Cheers!

  17. Congratulations Anna on Three years! I love the creative stylings that are unique and up to date in fashion. They inspire me and I truly wish you many more years of success, inspiration and creativity. I have entered the giveaway! Thank you so much!

  18. Miss Anna, I see blog you do all most two year a go when try to learn of different place to shop in SL and try start out model. I love way you style clothe and how you not do thing ‘out of box’ is why I start follow you. It not untill this year I find out you all so such beauty in soul and Miss Virtual World! Is honor to know you even from a far and watch all you do with beauty in clothe and fashion. Much thanks for all you do for beauty in SL and such fun contest! I entered the giveaway

  19. Miss Anna, I follow you on blog for all most two years now and love all fashion you show! It much inspire for model all over grid and much thanks for all dedication and care you give. I like much the kind heart you have and beauty of heart you give. Much thanks for contest! I entered the giveaway

  20. Hello Anna, first – Congrats on the 3rd year blog anniversary, I hope there will be even more years of this blog! 😉 I like this blog because most of the styles you putting up fits my personality perfectly, is really awesome.. I like the pictures, every picture has somethings special, either that is pose or style, I love it.. I have entered the giveaway 🙂 (sorry if I have made any mistake in typing, english is not my first language)

  21. Anna, I love watching you as a model. For me, your blog does exactly what it is meant to do ~ gets me shopping. It ignites ideas for me to style. I wish I could blog. Thank you for all that you do. (P.S. I entered the giveaway.) ❤

  22. I love your style and your amazing attitude to mix different styles of clothing and accessories. Plus, i love your photo techniques (focus, cut, colors and so on…).
    I’m in!! 🙂

  23. Congratz on 3 wonderful years of blogging! The main thing I like about your blog is I peek at it when I need inspiration on styling. Sometimes we get in a rut and have trouble seeing outside the box….so I turn to those who have awesome style for inspiration. So thank you for sharing 3 years of that awesomeness. 🙂

  24. Awesome contest Anna! What I like about your blog is that you are always bending what is classified as “the norm” in Second Life! Whether its Tattoos, Avant Garde, or casual styling, it is always done in a way that leaves me saying “wow”! Congrats on 3 years and I look forward to being inspired again by uour post! *Entered the contest :)*

  25. I love your blog because of all the fun exciting things you find that I end up must having 🙂 and then watching how you put those very things to work that are often more than styling …. it is art! ❤ Happy Happy 3rd year Blog Day!!! 😀 "I entered the giveaway"

  26. I’m new to the fashion and blogging world and your posts really inspire me. The photography and styling are amazing and each picture seems to evoke emotion leaving me intrigued or nostalgic for something though I’m sometimes not sure what. And that’s really wonderful because it opens the door to my own imagination and lights the spark of creativity 🙂

  27. Hey Anna,

    Congratulations on 3 years on your blog!!!! I love your blog because of the creativity you bring to each post. Each one is unique and very creative. I wish you the best on the next few years of blogging.


  28. Upon first glance of your layouts, poses, and presentation of product I noticed that you had an advanced method of expressing style. Your treatment of shoes appears to be very skilled. I would love if one day you could showcase my items, but I am sure that I am in a long line of others with similar wishes.

    Rei Requiem (avatar name) – I have entered the contest.

  29. First off, congratulations for making it 3 years as a blogger. That in itself is quite the feat. I have followed your blog for quite some time. I find you to be fashion forward, intelligent, and extremely inspiring. If I am looking for high fashion stores to frequent, I visit your blog, and look for designers I may not have heard of before. I love everything about your blog. Oh, and I entered the giveaway! 😀

  30. Hello from Christiana Xevion (blog on beautyvamp blog). I like your style and how you are very cool to share your style details! I have to admit, your recent picture on flickr pulled me in with 2 things; Your sexy boots and that you showed the profile of your face. Very nice profile!

  31. Your blog inspires me into believing that it’s okay to fall a different path then the ‘norm’. To explore new things, try the unexpected, and to have an artistic vision in many different things. You inspire me into getting deeper with fashion and my creativity, thank you for that ~ Anna!

    Oh! I also entered the giveaway 🙂

  32. I came here to read this again for some reason, and I’m wondering “Why am I here again?” I think it sounds so fun to receive a gift from someone so famous as you, Anna Sapphire. But honestly, it’s more of a thrill to just see you stopped by and left a fave on one of my pics or something. It’s funny how we are about other SL residents who have established a presence 😉

  33. Thank you very much everybody for your entries, I’m touched by your support and love! The giveaway is officially closed and the winner will be announced tomorrow. Good luck to you all ❤

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