Pavon Inspiration

The pavon is for sure one of the most beautiful creatures on earth with its hypnotic tail that never cease to amaze us. Who if not Kunglers could make such a beautiful texture that reminds of it? I’m always in awe when I see the work of Avagardner and Barbra Kunglers, and their Fall/Winter 2013/’14 collection is to die for!

blog pavon hb

La Malvada Mujer is one of my favourite make up artists in SL, and you can see why.

blog pavon hs



Dress: KUNGLERS | Angela, Peacock ***

Makeup: LA MALVADA MUJER | Warrior, 3 ***

Hair: LIQUENCE | F5, Greyscale

Headband: WHATEVER | Bunband, Black Gold ***


*** Review Copies

pavon collage


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