The Golden Thread

I had the pleasure to participate in one of the most creative shows of the year: The Golden Thread by MIAMAI. I’d like to take this chance to congratulate Monica Outlander and her wonderful staff for producing what can be described only as pure art. I couldn’t be more proud to be Face of Miamai.

Here is the concept behind the collection:

“The Golden Thread is what connects us all to the Earth and the Universe we live in. It’s the energy that runs between humans, animals, spirits; it’s what makes us a part of the whole. Some call it God. This collection is centered on the idea of the interconnection, and to how we can be compassionate and dance with the other living beings, sharing ourselves, mixing, evolving. It’s about forgetting the ego and doing what we love just because it’s what we are meant to be. It’s about to look at the other creatures around us and realize they are not objects or shadows lingering around us, but brothers and sisters; to connect with the animal soul and find a wild trance, a silent teaching. Finally, it’s about how opening our eyes can lead us to highest places, to stronger euphory and the feeling to be, finally, at home.”  (Monica Outlander)



I will show you more from this stunning collection in next posts and I suggest you to check out the ART EXPO dedicated to Monica’s artistic designs.

If you missed the show you can watch the beautiful video below to have an idea of how it was.



Shirt: MIAMAI BlackLabel | Serenata ***

Pants: MIAMAI BlackLabel | Notturno ***

Booties: LEEZU | Havasu Falls Ankle Boots, Yellow ***

Butterfly: GIZZA | Papillion Eye Accessory, Black ***

Necklace: MAXI GOSSAMER @ THE ARCADE | Truth Owl, Black (RARE) ***

Hairbase: BOON | Cropped Hairbase, Platinum


*** Review Copies


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