“Shalwar” by GIZZA is the perfect union between trendy style, urban, glam and oriental taste.

A perfect outfit for every taste, with the high quality of fabrics and textures of GIZZA and its awsome creativity. A must have in every wardrobe!

Look how sexy it is, with its back tatto. This is an outfit for a strong and decided woman.

Feel a tiger and a modern diva in “Shalwar” by GIZZA!


– Outfit: GIZZA “Shalwar”

– Shoes: VIVE9 “Xianv2 Boots” Zebra

– Hair: 99 ELEPHANTS “Iekelene”

Hairbase: 99 ELEPHANTS “Layer”

– Bangles: GEMS & KISSES “Rings of Saturn” black

– Nails & Rings: ROZOREGALIA “Gemma”

– Earring: JE SUIS “Perce Ear”


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