Super elegance for the new release of VictoriaV: “Beatrix Evening Gown” is a fabulous dream! Available in many different colors (rose, azure, purple, watermelon) this amazing gown is absolutely a must have for your summer balls.

An incredibly gorgeous skirt and a top embroidered with black lace make this gown one of the most elegant ever.

I suggest you to combine this dreamy gown with the latest release of CHOP ZUEY COUTURE, that are so wow.

“Fatal Distraction” Set (in the photo above), is composed by necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring in Hand-Crafted Italian White Gold Filigree with Mother of Pearl and Utah Bixbite Briolettes from My Twisted Valentine Collection by CHOP ZUEY COUTURE.

The second set I show you is composed by “Kita Kamakura” Necklace, “Kochobana” Earrings and “Ling-Ling” Bracelet in Italian Elbaite Purple Tourmaline, Pink and Grape Tourmaline and Utah Bixbite in Gold from Ikebana Collection by CHOP ZUEY COUTURE.


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