First of all I apologize because I’m not posting much these days, and I hope to find soon the time to blog.

Today I want to show you the outfit I wore for Miss Virtual World 2012 Candidates Press Presentation. It isn’t an outfit for sale but a “composition” I did.

“The candidates have been asked to style from two fully modifiable dresses given by Tres Beau and change it anyway they want to make it their own creation. The only condition being, they cannot change the color of the prims nor re-texture the prims, all else is valid. They were also granted permission to accessorize with other elements.”

The original outfits:

And this is the result of my prims-stretching work šŸ˜€

As you can see I used part of the jacket of TRES BEAU “Lady Tux” to make a long skirt and part of the neckline, and all the flowers on my body, skirt and hair come from “Rosie” dress.

I wore SHI prim gloves in red (coming soon) and VIRTUAL IMPRESSIONS “Natasha” jewelry set in Deep Red (bought at Japan Relief Fundraiser but available in store). My hair are from EXILE, “Versaille” in Vanille (I modified them taking off the braid). I hope you like what I did, I had so much fun doing it šŸ˜‰


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